Add Providers

Our provider registry is set up in a way that requires every provider to have their own individual profile for each location which they practice out of. As a result, an application must be completed for each new provider. If you wish for the payment to go directly to the clinic, we ask that you please indicate this in the appropriate section of the application and we will connect the provider to the clinic as requested. Once you have completed an application for each provider, you will be able to use a single login under your clinic name and each provider attached to the clinic will appear in the drop down menu.

Link to application

Remove Providers

To remove a practitioner from your billing list, please send us a request specifically stating the first and last name of the provider you would like to have removed, with their provider number if you have it. Please also include your office provider number (000123456) and the individual provider numbers (000123456) with the effective date that the provider is no longer at your location. This information can be sent by email to