Pharmacist Health Coaching - Cardiovascular Program Information

Green Shield Canada’s (GSC’s) Pharmacist Health Coaching is a cognitive service provided by pharmacists that focuses on cardiovascular health and offers blood pressure and cholesterol management to eligible GSC plan members. Its main objective is to empower patients diagnosed with hypertension and elevated cholesterol to take ownership and responsibility for their overall cardiovascular health. In this program, pharmacists will:

  • Provide guidance and support to patients to achieve target blood pressure and cholesterol measurements.
  • Implement strategies that help improve patient adherence to cardiovascular drug therapy.
  • Offer effective coaching and follow-up to help patients adopt healthy lifestyle behaviors that will positively impact their cardiovascular and overall health.

Program documentation and forms

How to participate

In order to be qualified to deliver the program, pharmacists will complete an online training program. The introductory module of the program has been developed by GSC and contains information on how to use the forms and bill the cognitive services fees. The clinical and counselling modules have been jointly developed by the Ontario Pharmacists Association (OPA) and the British Columbia Pharmacists Association (BCPhA). To enrol in the training modules you will need to register with your provincial Pharmacy Association. There is a nominal charge to participate in the training modules. Once you have completed the training modules and received your certificate of successful completion you may begin providing the service to eligible patients.

Training modules