Pharmacogenetic Testing and Counselling Program

Green Shield Canada (GSC)’s Pharmacogenetic Testing and Counselling Program is a cognitive service provided by pharmacists and supported by GenXys Health Care Systems’ TreatGxplus.

TreatGxplus is an all-in-one product that includes the myPGx pharmacogenetic test for patients, comprehensive pharmacogenetic reports, and clinician access to the TreatGx clinical decision-support software. TreatGx provides automated tools to help you optimize your patients’ medication therapy and get them on the road to recovery faster. To learn more about GenXys and TreatGxplus, please click here.


The myPGx pharmacogenetic test includes over 60 genetic variants associated with altered response to more than 150 commonly used medications. The comprehensive reports include information on how your patient’s pharmacogenetic results may affect their response to each medication. Every drug-gene association also includes a level of evidence from the PharmGKB database, as well as references to the Health Canada drug label or clinical studies when relevant.


The TreatGx clinical decision-support software includes more than 45 evidence-based treatment algorithms for conditions commonly treated in primary care. Each algorithm uses the most up-to-date evidence and guidelines to offer medication treatment options personalized for your patient based on pharmacogenetics, current medications, comorbid conditions, age, weight, kidney and liver function, and other relevant clinical factors.

See for a full list of conditions and medications included in the software.

By testing for specific, clinically actionable genetic variants, in combination with other patient-specific information, TreatGx will help you identify medications and medication doses that are likely to be the safest and most effective for your patient’s specific condition.

In GSC’s Pharmacogenetic Testing and Counselling Program, pharmacists will work closely with eligible patients, with support from the TreatGx medication decision-support software, to optimize drug therapy based on personalized treatment options offered by pharmacogenetic insights. This will be accomplished by:

  • 1. Identifying potential pharmacogenetic testing opportunities by engaging GSC patients who are experiencing a lack of response and/or side-effects to their current drug therapy for depression and/or anxiety.
  • 2. If a pharmacogenetic testing opportunity is identified, discuss the benefits of pharmacogenetic testing and, if the patient agrees to participate, complete both the GSC prior authorization and the GenXys pharmacogenetic patient consent forms.
  • 3. Once test results are available on TreatGx, schedule a meeting with your patient to review the results, communicate personalized treatment options based on pharmacogenetic insights, and discuss next steps.
  • 4. Engage and communicate recommendations to the patient’s physician (if applicable).

The program is available to eligible GSC plan members and their dependents. Plan members can refer to their benefits booklet or can contact GSC’s Contact Centre Services to verify that pharmacogenetic testing is a benefit of their plan.

Program documentation How to participate

There is no required formal training program; however, it is GSC’s expectation that participating pharmacists feel reasonably competent utilizing pharmacogenetic insights with support from the TreatGx clinical decision support software.

For additional resources and access to live and pre-recorded educational webinars developed by GenXys, please click here.