Activate Your Account - Help

To activate your online account, you will need to complete the providerConnectTM Secure Services Online Account Activation. Just follow these steps:

  1. Enter your registration key and provider number in the fields provided. You should have received your registration key and provider number by email or regular mail. If you do not know your registration key and/or provider number, please click “Contact Us” on the left side of the page for assistance.

  2. Click Continue.

  3. User Name – create your own personal user name.
    • Your user name must be a minimum of 8 characters and a maximum of 20 characters, and any combination of alphanumeric characters (a-z|A-Z|0-9).
    • Your user name is not case sensitive.

  4. Provider Number – a provider number was assigned to you when you registered for providerConnect. Your provider number is displayed in this field as read-only and cannot be changed.

  5. Business or Professional Name – your business or professional name displayed in this field is the business or professional name provided when you registered for providerConnectTM. This field is read-only and cannot be changed on the activation form. If you want to change your business or professional name, just go to “My Profile” once you’ve activated your providerConnect Secure Services online account to update your information.

  6. Challenge Question – select a challenge question from the drop down menu.
    • Your challenge question will be used to verify your identity should you forget your password or user name.
    • We recommend you select a challenge question that is easy for you to remember.

  7. Challenge Answer – enter the answer to the challenge question selected.
    • The answer to the Challenge Question must be a minimum of 5 characters and is not case sensitive.

  8. Email Address – enter the email address where you wish to receive email correspondence.
    • If you see an email address displayed in this field, it means we already have an email address on file for you. You can choose to use the same email or change it.

  9. Confirm Address – enter your email address again.

  10. Create Password – enter in your own personal password.
    • Password minimum length should be between 8 to 32 characters
    • A minimum of one upper-case letter
    • A minimum of one lower-case letter
    • A minimum of one number
    • A minimum of one special character ( Allowed characters ~!@$%^&*_-+=`|\(){}[]:;,.?/)
    • Must not contain any blanks or spaces

  11. Confirm Password – confirm your password by entering it again.

  12. Click the “Activate” button to activate your online account.

If your online account was activated successfully, you should see an Account Activation Confirmation page. You can now sign into your providerConnect Secure Services online account using your new user name and password.